Fin Design + Effects


Behind the scenes

Fin’s VFX crew completed over 100 shots for this manga-inspired feature film starring Li Yifeng and Michael Douglas.

Some of the most intricate work involved transforming members of the cast momentarily into monsters – often in closeup – in an effect dubbed “glitching”.

Utilizing laser scans of the actors and creature sculpts shared by Weta Digital, Fin’s rigging department painstakingly melded these assets frame by frame with live action footage of the actors, creating a series of startling freak-show moments that punctuate the film.

Simultaneously, Fin’s design department was solving the curly problem of how to explain to the audience the complex card game strategies that drive large parts of the movie.

The answer was to seamlessly transport the audience to Limboland – an imaginary room inside our hero’s mind in which he visualizes cards flying around as he devises his next move.

Realized as a dark room with walls made of black playing cards, Fin’s Limboland environment allowed the audience to leave the “real world” behind for long enough to absorb the details of the gameplay without distraction.