Fin Design + Effects

Fin Singapore Team Expands

February 15, 2023

In view of further strengthening our VFX and design presence in the SouthEast Asia region, FIN welcomes two recent additions to the Singapore team: Senior VFX Supervisor, Kosta Lagis and Strategic Business Development Director, Stephen Douglas.

Stephen Douglas (pictured left) and Kosta Lagis (pictured right) have both previously worked with Fin, such is the magnetic, close-knit company culture that draws team members back to FIN, consolidating their experience with new perspectives.

Lagis, Senior VFX Supervisor, with 25 years CG experience and a solid foundation in traditional art, describes himself as ‘tenacious, thriving on energetic collaboration and able to communicate complex matters in simple terms’. Excited at embracing Singapore’s abundant work potential, Lagis is looking forward to further establishing FIN’s reputation for “meticulous care and high standards, not just with the output of visual solutions, but across the entire creative process.”

Douglas, will be responsible for leading the development and implementation of FIN’s strategic growth initiatives, drawing upon his vast experience across different markets of media, production and post production throughout Asia Pacific. Douglas has established a formidable and loyal network of robust relationships amongst both client and agency partners throughout the global advertising and production community.

Douglas said: “I have always had a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for the quality of work and level of craft that Fin, as a recognised world-class VFX house, produces. Their collaborative process right from conceptual stage with a strong team-focussed culture, attention to detail and no compromise approach, is what really sets FIN apart”.

Emma Daines, FIN CEO and Founder said: “With Stephen and Kosta joining Singapore Senior Producers Caryne Chia, Producer Sarah Loh, and Creative Director Fausto Ruiz, plus working closely with Shanghai based Senior Producer Chye Yee Chow and Head of VFX Segundo Fernandez, plus being supported by the global Fin resources and 180 plus artists, we are delighted to continue to build a strong and dedicated team on the ground in Singapore. Their collective industry experience and real understanding of the cultural contexts in South East Asia are invaluable assets to FIN and our clients. As a team, we look forward to continuing to solidify our niche as a visual effects and design house, committed to delivering outstanding service and visual solutions.”