Fin Design + Effects



Behind the scenes

Leo Burnett Shanghai, Black & Cameron, and Fin Design + Effects bring time to a standstill in this visually exquisite campaign for Cadillac, to promote its new model: the CT6 sedan.

The film captures a lavish party in extreme slow-motion, with the exception of one man. Removing his bowtie, he strides past the frozen revellers to exit the party. The ending shot sees him driving his Cadillac across the frozen East River towards the iconic New York skyline – rejecting fulfilment and stagnation in favour of a bolder future.

The beautifully-executed freeze frame scenes were achieved through a combination of techniques. The actors were shot at 1000 frames per second by a phantom camera attached to a bolt arm: a high speed mechanical robot. This technique was combined with shots of the actors standing still filmed at a normal speed, overall creating a slow-motion effect.

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