Fin Design + Effects



Behind the scenes

A world in which everyone’s head is replaced by light bulbs, demonstrating that Curtin University students have bright minds and are more switched on.

This was visually realised by Fin through beautiful CG modelling and texturing of the light bulbs, and the meticulous tracking of heads. Our team worked hard at not only making the heads feel real but making them feel real in their environment.

The Brand Agency’s business director, Morgen Lewis said: “We wanted to show that innovation is more than just bright ideas. It is about turning ideas into reality. Our research showed that employers like the way Curtin graduates can hit the deck running so we decided the campaign should show how Curtin’s point of difference is their people, who can achieve better results by putting their bright minds to work with industry. Make Tomorrow Better is a call to arms from Curtin for anybody who wants to make a difference by applying their bright minds to solve real problems.”