Fin Design + Effects



Behind the scenes

When we first got the call from JWT Melbourne about a fully CG animated car commercial, the first order of business was calm the 3D department down. The opportunity to do 30 seconds of wall to wall CG Cars doesn’t come along very often!

What further excited us about the job was the integration of the 3D cars into a 2D illustrated environment, something we had never done before.

To help construct the enormous 10,000 pixel drawing, Fin brought on the talents of Illustrator, Abeth DeLa Cruise who stitched together over 18 individual pencil sketches over the course of several weeks.

The cars were rendered using V-Ray, our renderer of choice as of late, which has given us fantastic photoreal looking results.

The job ended up being a very collaborative effort between Fin and the agency from the word go… and a great learning experience to boot.