Fin Design + Effects



Behind the scenes

Partnering with Revolver’s Bruce Hunt and AJF Partnership, Fin Design was commissioned to produce previs prior to the Holden Cruze shoot in order to work out how to build the live action rigged structure to seamlessly resolve to a ‘Z’ pattern from the key overhead crane shot.

In the week leading to the shoot, and with the constraints of sizes and number of light tubes available, Fin worked with production designer Aaron Crothers to figure out the most effective and efficient placement of lights to produce the most impactful design. By re-creating accurate models of the studio and cleverly utilising 3D cameras directed by Bruce, Fin was also able draw up technical design plans for constructing and rigging the complicated live action set up.

As 20% of the in camera lights were fixed to red, Fin took over the in-camera fixed lights to animate from white to red in synch with the car’s movement in post. The product is a seamless beautiful transition of lights triggered by the precision of the Holden Cruze.

View 3D Previs