Fin Design + Effects

Behind the scenes

Fin Design + Effects has had the amazing opportunity to produce the visual effects in the upcoming feature film “Interceptor” with Ambience Entertainment. “Interceptor” is a Netflix tentpole action thriller starring Elsa Pataky, Luke Bracey and Aaron Glenance. It is the directorial debut by Australian best selling author Matthew Riley. The film will be released on Thursday the 26th of May in cinemas across Australia and on Netflix from the 3rd of June, 2022. 

The filming and post production are both done entirely in Australia. With almost 500 VFX shots, Fin Design worked closely with director Matthew Riley to visually capture the story of an unrelenting female army captain in a visceral military world. 

As the sole VFX studio, Fin has been involved in the project since the previsualisation stage. Using the Unreal Engine, we translated the director’s vision from script pages to visual concepts. We provided on-set VFX supervision throughout the production and additional technical supervision in motion capture. In post production, our team created ocean simulations, 3D set extensions, 3D vehicles, missiles, explosions, crowd simulations and many other effects and assets, with seamless compositing work to integrate every CG element in the picture to further elevate the tension of the already action packed flick. 

Director: Matthew Reilly
Writers: Stuart Beattie, Matthew Reilly
Production company: Ambience Entertainment
Producers: Matthew Street, Michael Boughen, Stuart Beattie.

VFX Supervisor: Stuart White
VFX Executive Producer: Chris Spry
VFX Producer: Haris Kruskic