Fin Design + Effects



Behind the scenes

John West continues to endure the worst to bring you the best, diving head first into an underwater feeding frenzy to select the best Tuna.

Fin has created this underwater feeding frenzy, through a combination of CG tuna, CG Sharks, archival sea footage and live action plates.

The plan was to create an offline edit using stock footage from a variety of sources from around the globe. Once the offline was approved, production had to venture out to the massive Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre in Lidcombe and shoot the action plates of “John West” himself. These plates were roughly composited together on set to ensure we had the correct angles, lensing and lighting.

Once Fin received the hi res stock footage and the live action footage from the set, we set about the task of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. The 3D department contributed hundreds of CG fish and the 2D department seamlessly blended all the elements to arrive at the finished product.

One of the trickiest parts was trying to replace the prop fish with our CG fish in the 2nd to last shot. The director wasn’t happy with the action of the prop in his favourite take, so it had to be meticulously painted out in Nuke. We then animated and rendered a hero CG fish and composited it back over the top in Flame.

Concept by Grey Melbourne, directed by The Glue Society via Revolver, we see the lengths John West will go to just to bring you the best.