Fin Design + Effects


Behind the scenes

Fin was responsible for delivering the 550 plus visual effects shots in bringing to life the infamous amicable-turned-rogue robot doll M3GAN.

Involved right from the outset, collaborating closely with Director Gerard Johnstone, Blumhouse and Atomic Monster Producers and crew, it was a fun VFX challenge to craft the realism and continuity by merging the practical photography of onset animatronics, pupeteered dolls and actor worn masks with full CGI.

The overarching focus to convey M3GAN as a credible and sinister robot capable of humanlike expressions and mannerisms, included complex and specialised visual effects work : from the invisible and subtle FX, set extensions, CG facial replacements and grooming, to full CGI builds.

M3GAN was one of those unique projects that stand out in bringing Fin’s agility to the fore, as there truly was something for every VFX artist,” said Rick van de Schootbrugge, Fin Compositing Supervisor. 

Subtly nailing M3GAN’s plausibility was simultaneously a creatively and technically challenging but totally rewarding achievement across all FIN VFX departments. CG Supervisor, Phil Sloggett, attributed the film’s success to “the great cohesion and coordination between all Fin artists, the director, producers and all on set, stunt and production design crew”.  All up, a solid relationship that FIN looks to continuing onto future collaborations with Blumhouse Productions.

Jason Blum, after seeing the final version of M3GAN, commended, “FIN’s work on the film M3GAN was exceptional.”

We are confident M3GAN will impress upon you too.