Fin Design + Effects



Behind the scenes

Fin Design + Effects was commissioned by Glowy Films to design direct and visualise a 30 second animation to showcase the launch of the new Mazda 6 Atenza into the Chinese market.

The story follows the birth of a neuron. It then branches out connecting with other neurons to create a network of pulsing energy. Neuron “synapses” burst forth, mapping out the key components of the Mazda 6. This journey continues onwards until both driver and Mazda 6 connect as one.

Some of the challenges on this project were the custom development of the Neuron effect that grows to build the Mazda 6. Approximately 3 weeks of R&D was taken to develop the specific behaviour of the branching neurons.

The whole commercial is one long camera move without any edits or transitions over the 30 second duration. It is a special skill that our 3D team has to create a CG camera that flows naturally and moves seamlessly. In this case, from the macro world of a Neuron, through the car interior, to the exterior of the car driving past camera.