Fin Design + Effects



Behind the scenes

Collider Director Ben Briand tasked Fin with a mission both simple and intimidating. Disassemble a car into its component parts and then re-assemble it.

Turns out cars have quite a few parts in them. Who knew?

Animating all of these parts individually was quite a challenge as each had to move with a purpose to a different point in space. Doors leave the body intact, then break up into smaller bits, which break up into even smaller bits until we are talking about individual screws floating around in mid air.

The other part of the challenge was aesthetic. Normally when we see a big thing broken down into components it is either laid out with great order in straight lines and rows, or is left in a random jumble of wreckage. Whybin TBWA Creative Director David Brady was after something more sculptural, something that could be the anchor image of a print campaign. Inspired by beetles and moths, the resulting arched shape proved the perfect foil to NRMA’s story of bringing simplicity to a task that can be overwhelmingly complex.