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Behind the scenes

Fun fact: this TVC has had twice as many views on YouTube than there are people in the whole of New Zealand – its target market.

This powerful spot has the freezing of time and a massive one-take stunt at its core. The main time freezing shot was achieved by joining two takes together. After carefully plotting out the action in previs, the car was shot rocketing past camera at 100kph and then again reversing slowly past camera from a standing start. These two takes were stitched together and a cloud of cg leaves added over the top to sell the time stopping effect.

Even though the car crash was staged for real at full speed, the interior take selected for the edit was recreated in comp by Fin. The actor was filmed being violently shaken by a wire rig as CG glass and debris showers the cabin. Outside the windows we see a shot of the approaching car that was actually filmed at walking speed. 3d photogrammetry was used to extend the approaching car’s trajectory into the victim car on impact.