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Behind the scenes

China’s leading smartphone brand teamed up with creative agency Goodzilla, production company Black & Cameron, and Fin to create this fantastical four minute spot to promote its R11 S Plus model ahead of Chinese New Year.

The film was shot in studio, with heavy VFX work needed to bring the fully-fledged universe to life. Fin was involved early to determine the ideal size of the planets – striking the perfect balance of big enough to have varied terrain and landmarks for visual interest, but not so big that the characters would be lost.

The CG Team created four distinct planets, each with differing seasons, building a customised effects system to render the wheat, snow, and grass accordingly. Photoscans were done of on set elements in order to help populate the 3D scenes.

The timeline was a huge challenge, but Fin delivered by producing over 100 VFX shots in just over a month.

Take a look at the split screen below, to see what we did:

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