Fin Design + Effects



Behind the scenes

Pay ID launches its inaugural advertising campaign in Australia with a TVC featuring a fish-headed man. The highly-anticipated new payments platform is designed to make sending and receiving payments easier. The star of the campaign has a goldfish head – fitting, as a key component of Pay ID is in allowing consumers to link financial accounts to easy-to-remember pieces of information.

CG Supervisor at Fin, Robert Grbevski, comments: “While the concept in itself is surreal, we decided early on to go with a subtle look for the animation. The intention was always for the execution to be as grounded in reality as possible to avoid it becoming gimmicky. We invested a lot of time into studying the movements and appearance of real goldfish to determine the nuanced characteristics. Attention to detail was key, especially in creating the multi-layered, gel-like texture, and metallic sheen of the goldfish skin. For the animation to be true to life, we kept the fish mouth stiffer in its lip movements and less articulated than the human mouth.”