Fin Design + Effects



Behind the scenes

Steve Rogers and Revolver brought us the challenging task of telling the story of a man growing younger for the SEEK TVC “13 years”.

Filmed with three different aged actors – each with multiple takes with prosthetic ageing done on-set by the art department, Fin created a seamless morph from an old man to a young child. These were shot on a green screen background, morphed using a combination of Flame and Nuke, and composited into the darkened room.

As the spot was one continuous, slow shot, every facial detail had to seamlessly correspond with its counterpart on the next take’s face, to ensure that the transition was seamless and that there were no obvious points for the viewer’s eye to betray the tricky series of morphs. Of particular concern was maintaining a consistent eye-shape between the three actors. Rebuilding the talent’s shirt and re-tracking it over the length of the spot was also instrumental in making sure the shot appear to be one take.