Fin Design + Effects


Behind the scenes

Fin worked with show-runners Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Sam Catlin (Breaking Bad) to bring the cult graphic novel Preacher to our small screens for its fourth and final twisted season.

When Jesse Custer, a small-town preacher with a criminal past, realises God is missing from Heaven, Jesse sets out to find him. He is joined by his resourceful, hot-tempered girlfriend Tulip and his Irish vampire friend Cassidy. As our story inches closer to the finale and the end of the world, our heroes will negotiate a nuclear explosion, conspiring world powers, sword-wielding angels, and the Messiah himself!

Fin’s VFX team completed 320 shots across 10 episodes within an overall schedule of 5 months. With Episode 1 being released to streaming halfway through the VFX schedule, rapid iteration and flexible scheduling was integral to Fin’s workflow. The team often worked on 4 episodes at once, with some episodes only having 3 weeks from turnover to final delivery.

Some of the more complex work involved matching CG water to surrounding shots of in-camera water. The team made judicious use of Houdini software to create a water surface which was complimentary to the frequency and amplitude of the water captured on camera, but which also behaved like the surface of a real ocean. With some creative grading of the surrounding live action water to add depth to the 6 foot deep pool, the team was then able to use realistic shaders and light rigs for the CG water surface and take the whole scene from inside the studio to out at sea.

Fin also designed and built many rooms and levels inside the vast Masada citadel. Due to the very eclectic nature of Masada’s stonework, the best way to service the dozens of shots and angles was to create a “lego kit” of 3d pillars, walls and arches in various styles. Fin’s layout artists were then able to rapidly iterate designs in the upper levels of Masada to extend the ground level sets filmed during principal photography.

Preacher Season 4 is available on AMC and streaming services including Stan and Playstation Vue.