Fin Design + Effects



Behind the scenes

2008 New York Festivals International – Gold – Special Effects
2008 Award Awards – Finalist – Digital Visual Effects
2008 Award Awards – Finalist – Animation & Modelling

In this gritty TVC viewers get to see the true origins of the Landcruiser andwhat a car born of the earth would look like.

The majority of the spot follows the above ground havoc of displaced dust and debris caused by the Landcruiser as it forces it way through the underground of the Australian outback, ripping free and resplendant in the final sequences.

One of our main tasks was the creation of all the dust and debris. To create scale and drama the shots required thousands of large rocks to be pushed aside by the Landcruiser. This required a combination of two techniques: an experimental physics system called Nima, used in conjunction with Maya. This partnership was used to simulate up to 3,000 rocks at a time flying through the air and falling to the ground on top of one another and with a little bit of extra in-house scripting, it became a very useful workhorse.

For shots that suited a more liquid “ink-in-water” type motion, Maya’s fluid simulation module was used in-combination with secondary proprietary software called Puffy to animate the dust. Puffy is a customised volumetric renderer, which specialises in rendering large clouds of dust or smoke. It allowed for exceptionally faster render times making it a decisive tool for a timely scheduled delivery.

Final compositing was completed in Flame over about 2 weeks after an initial 3D period of just over 2 months.