Fin Design + Effects


February 26, 2023

M3GAN’s iconic world fame has been a rewarding reflection of Fin since its much-lauded release earlier this year. 

Fin was entrusted by Blumhouse as the visual effects partner in bringing the uniquely infamous AI robot M3GAN, ‘companion turned murderer’ to life in the acclaimed comedy horror.
Working over 550 shots, Fin was responsible for seamlessly creating the mechanical doll credibility, able to successfully evoke audience connection through her realistic yet eerie expressions and mannerisms.

Involved in creative conversations right from the outset, the Fin team over 18 months collaborated closely with director Gerard Johnstone, and producers Melissa Brockman, Couper Samuelson, and Jennifer Trent to achieve the chilling realism of the AI doll-turned-rogue. 

One of the biggest focus and challenges lay in seamlessly blending and achieving continuity between the different on-set versions of M3GAN (animatronic, puppet, actor-worn prosthetic mask) with the full CG M3GAN. Achieving M3GAN’s consistency throughout, plus creating the film’s climatic CG fight scene involved complex and sophisticated visual effects across the full VFX disciplines, from numerous invisible effects, CG facial replacements, FX narrative enhancements, and full CG solutions.

M3GAN truly brought the Fin team’s agility and creativity to the fore.

See what M3GAN was really made of in the Fin breakdown.