Fin Design + Effects



Behind the scenes

When we read the script for Carlton Draught, we didn’t realise just how funny this ad was going to be. Once we saw the offline, however, we knew that Steve and the creatives had nailed it.

Although it may be hard to tell, Fin actually did quite a bit of work on this one. As is the case with most beer ads, there was plenty of beer finessing to ensure the head was at it’s optimal level of deliciousness. We also completed a large number of complex split screens to get the comedic timing just right.

On top of the other standard cleanup (rig removal, signage removal and painting), we had to generate a CG bridge for the jumping scene. The harbour base plate was shot in L.A. while a separate shoot was required to shoot the talent against greenscreen running up a hill. Back in Sydney, Fin modeled a CG bridge based on high resolution stills taken of the Spit Bridge. These three elements were then composited together to form the final wide of the bridge sequence. The CG bridge was also used in several of the closing shots of the TVC.