Fin Design + Effects



Behind the scenes

Our latest collaboration with Director Daniel Askill at Collider and the creative minds at Innocean Worldwide opens on a car plummeting to earth from the edge of space.

This dramatic imagery was extensively pre visualised prior to being captured by a skydiving team falling high above the actual location.

Finishing required all our departments to bring their best work to the table – some shots feature a fully CG car, others rely on a real i30 suspended by a crane over the Australian outback, and many require CG clouds whipping by.

The final technical approach was rarely the same 2 shots in a row, a tribute to Fin’s very nimble VFX pipeline.

The moment of impact was powered by a healthy dose of explosives and tennis balls filled with dirt. However, even these shots were tuned extensively in compositing with horizons pushed back, dust clouds wrangled and the hero of the show (the new model i30) being given the kind of post production beauty work a star deserves.

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