Fin Design + Effects



Behind the scenes

One of the most challenging parts of the NZTA project began before the cameras even started rolling. Under Derin’s direction, Fin worked on a highly detailed 60sec Pre Viz to determine precisely how the live action shoot would work.

When dealing with frame rates in excess of 1000 fps, it was vital that Derin and his crew knew exact camera positioning and lensing for every shot well in advance so that they could prep for the shoot accordingly.

Complex on set car and camera rigs were then used in order to achieve much of what you see on screen. Once the rushes were received and the grade was applied, Fin set about the task of enhancing and adding to what Derin captured in camera.

We added many of the elements you see floating inside the car including the air bags, glass shards and dust particles as well as a completely CG Bonnet and windscreen.

Fin also spent a healthy amount of time manipulating, treating and adding to the internal organ and skeletal shots.

We think the result is as spectacular and confronting as it was intended to be!